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This is the official web presence for the band THE WORLD WILL BURN.  If you are reading this, you want new, heavy, different music that doesn't sound like everything else.  You have come to the right place.  Take a little time and look around.  Listen to songs from our debut albums "Severity" and "RuiNation". Check out the great, affordable merchandise in our STORE.  We are glad you took the time to drop in.

Thanks for visiting, we are still here! 

It's been a while since we released any new music, as we have been busy with side projects and other musical pursuits.  We have been writing and recording a new album, and will continue to do so until we are confident we have our best yet.   Go check out the great deals on music in our STORE.

New single to be released Feb. 4, 2022 

Finally, after way too long, our new single is ready to be released.  As always, this web page will be the first place to hear the song and see the video.  Classic TWWB, the song is heavier and darker than most, but still has the hooks and riffs you expect.  Sign up for mailing list and we will send it to for free before it officially launches! "A Good Man Dies" by The World Will Burn releases on 1/21/22

New Music? We are working on it! 

TWWB has a brand new single ready for you guys, we are just waiting on the label (Roxx Records) to finalize the details and announce the release date.  As always, it will be delivered to those on our mailing list first, so be sure to add your email and we will send it to you before anyone else hears it.  

New BRIDE album! 

Dale's original band, and the one from whom it all began, is BRIDE and they have a smokin' new album called "Here is your God".  It is a fantastic work and you can get it HERE>  This one won't disappoint.

Christmas Sale, the lowest prices ever on our music. 

Times are hard, and we understand that.  The Covid pandemic has make the essentials hard for millions of people.  We also know that music is a small pleasure that can help us maintain our sanity and help us feel normal again.  We are doing what we can to help.  We have slashed prices on our music, and you can benefit by going to our store section.  Drastically reduced music prices are there, with super fast shipping.  Don't forget that we will personally sign every CD we ship, mentioning YOU specifically.  If you have been lucky or blessed enough to prosper through these difficult times, consider buying some music for those you know that can not buy it for themselves.  Hang in there everybody, this storm shall pass. 

New video for "Rainbow's End" and a SALE in our store. 

"Nothing's as Real as It Seems" have been a big success and we thank you all.  The second single from the album is "Rainbow's End".  Check out the really cool video for the song.  If you don't have the album yet, NOW is the time to get it.  It, and other items, are now on sale in our store.  Go check it out!

New single, new video! 

Our new album "Nothing's as Real as It Seems" is now available!  The pre-orders are being shipped and new orders will be mailed quickly.  If you hurry, you should get yours by Christmas so head over to our store and order NOW!  You will get an immediate download of the album as soon as you order, and the CD you receive will be personally signed to YOU.

We have released our first single from this album for the song "Sins and Tragedies".  Enjoy!