New album progress 7-7-16

Dale and Alan are busy writing music and lyrics for the next TWWB album.  they want to keep the same sound that was successful on SEVERITY but are leaning more toward the experimental side.  Songs like BURNING SUNSET GLOW, INNOCENT DREAM, and THE ME DYING were extremely popular with fans for their "out of the box" sounds and arrangements.  Don't worry, the new songs are full of the nasty hooks and riffs that define the sound of TWWB.  

So far there are 5 or 6 songs with music written, and more will be added if some don't make the cut.  Right now they are leaning toward an EP with a faster release date and then possibly a follow up EP within a year.  This way they can get the music out to you faster and at a lower cost.  They are also considering crowdfunding on the next release, and may have lots of interesting packages available if they do.  

So far the new album is unnamed.  Hopefully cover art and the title will be released in the next few weeks.  

Do you have thoughts on the next TWWB recording?   Should it be full length?  Do you hate crowdfunding?  Do you like the heavier songs?  Do you have a title for the album?  Post your ideas in the reply.  Your ideas are important and will be considered.  Now is the time to direct this recording in the direction you want it to go.

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