New Album Updates

Progress on the new album from The World Will Burn is coming rapidly.  Alan has written the music to 7 new songs, and Dale is working on lyrics.  They are working together on arrangements currently.  EP or LP?  This question is still unanswered, but so far the songs will be consistent with SEVERITY but with some improvements over their freshman release.  
TWWB is curious about including a remix from SEVERITY on the new project, so if you or someone you know is good at mixing please contact us at  Feel free to include a sample of your work.  If you know the band, you know that there are no limits and your passion and creative vision are what is important.  
The band is exploring crowdfunding to help pay for the mixing and printing of this truly independent release.  If they go that route, we will be sure to let you know where you can support it.  
Could this unfinished painting be the next album cover?  You will have to stay tuned for more details!  The title of the album will be released soon.  Drop in frequently at and thanks again for your support.

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