Rapid Progress

Typically, music projects take much longer than announced, given all of the complications involved in the writing, arranging, and recording process. However, THE WORLD WILL BURN is flying through the process, which is testament to the balance and fit of the project.  Alan's music and Dale's lyrics are fitting together like a glove.  Putting sounds on a disc is one thing, but getting it to GROOVE is quite another.  THE WORLD WILL BURN is pleased to say the songs are kickin' and the groove is real!

The unnamed CD looks like it will have 12 songs on it, depending on last minute decisions.  The music and lyrics have been written 9 of them, and there are only a few adjustments that need to be made to them.  Several more songs are in the process of final editing, arranging, and lyrical content.  Stay tuned for more news from THE WORLD WILL BURN!