The CD 'SEVERITY' is in production!  The mock-ups look great, and the company that is printing and burning them should be finished in a couple of days.  They will then be shipped to our warehouse and distributed to those that pre-ordered.  We think  you are going to love it.  It has new sounds.  It is seriously heavy.  It sounds different than everything else out there.  Is the world ready to burn? Let's find out soon.

An awesome fan has created a fan website and facebook page!  Hats off to James Trago.  We are humbled to have a small but faithful following even before we have released our debut recording.  You can find the facebook page at: TWWB fanclub and the website is  Just paste these in your browser or search facebook.  James is working to locate exclusive information about the band and the CD, so be sure to visit both.

Be sure to spread the word.  We are also looking for radio stations, bloggers, webzines, and other outlets to share our music with .  Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

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